Delta Executor

Download Delta Executor 100% Completely Free! Roblox is a popular online gaming platform and game creation system. It offers some of the amazing features. Although Roblox is free to play, most of its best features are only available by making in-app purchases.

As a result, there are multiple Roblox Executers that allow users to access these features without paying a dime. Delta Executor or Delta X is one of the latest and most powerful script execution apps for Roblox.

It works on Android devices as well so, you’re not just restricted to Windows for playing Roblox games. In this article, we will discuss the new Delta Executor and some of its cool features.

Download Delta Executor

Now, you have got the much needed introduction to the Delta Executor. It’s time to download and install it on your device and enjoy your favorite Robolox games. If you’re wondering how to download here are the steps to do so:

  1. You can download Delta Executor from the official website ( or any third-party platform.
  2. On this official website, you will get a direct download link you don’t need to go through a few pop-up ads.
  3. Once downloaded open the APK file.
  4. It may ask you to enable installation from Unknown Sources. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete it.
  5. Finally, tap on Install to start the installation.
  6. Now tap on the Roblox icon from your apps drawer to launch Delta Executor.

App Screenshots

Delta Executor
Delta Executor
Delta Executor
Delta Executor
Delta Executor

Delta Executor Features

Delta Executor comes with a wide range of features. The developers have done great work ensuring the users have the best experience. Here are some of its cool features:


Script Library

The Delta Executor has a vast script library for different games. You just have to add your script to the game and the game will start working. Once you add the script you can run it whenever you want.

As it supports plenty of scripts, you also get to choose from multiple Roblox games like King Legacy, Ro Fruit, Pet Simulator X, etc. It has scripts for all these games and much more in its script library.


User Interface

Another key highlight of this executor is its user interface. Delta Executor offers a very clean and simple user interface. The interface is easy to navigate and even as a complete beginner, you won’t find any issues while using it.

Moreover, It also lets the users customize things according to their tastes. Its interface allows the users to easily add run and manage scripts on their devices.


Cross Platform

One of the very important features of this executor is that it’s not just limited to the Roblox games. Unlike other Roblox executors, Delta can be used to exploit games from multiple platforms.

At the same time, Delta Executor also has a library of games that users can play. The developers have been updating the library very often.


Latest Cheats

With Delta Executor, it almost guarantees that the cheat works properly as it provides the best and latest cheats for Roblox games. Moreover, the cheats are available for nearly all the Roblox games. So, feel free to try them on your favorite games.


Regular Updates

It doesn’t matter which Roblox executor you use, if it doesn’t provide timely updates you are bound to encounter issues. With Delta, you don’t have to worry about regular updates, as it provides timely updates with new features.

Delta Executor’s timely updates ensure that the scripts you’ve added work perfectly on your device. Additionally, its updates remove existing bugs and make the app run much faster.

How to Run Scripts Using Delta Executor

Once you install the apk on your device, the next thing you would like to do is run your scripts. If you’re new to this, it may be a daunting task to do. Here, are the simple steps to run Scripts using Delta Executor.

  • Launch the Delta Exector app on your Android device.
  • Now search for your favorite game and tap on the Play button.
  • Once the game starts, tap on the Delta Executor’s icon to open the Exector’s window
  • Now tap on the hexagonal shaped icon just below the Delta Executor’s icon.
  • Tap on Add Script and paste the game script you want to use.
  • Finally, tap on the Arrow button which will start executing the script.
  • You also have an option to run scripts from the Script Library.

How to Get Delta Mobile Executor Key

Like most of the executor apps out there, Delta also requires you to have the executor key for running the scripts. 

Getting the Delta Mobile Executor key can be tricky as you can only get it from certain websites. If you’re struggling to get the executor key follow these steps carefully.

  • Open the Delta Executor app and launch your favorite game.
  • It will ask you to enter the Delta Mobile Executor Key.
  • If you have the key simply paste it there, else tap on Get Key button.
  • This will copy a link to your clipboard.
  • Open a browser and paste the link there to open the Executor Key page.
  • Now scroll down and tap on the Go to Destination button. It will ask you to wait for a few seconds.
  • Once the timer completes, tap on the Proceed To Target button until you get the Delta Executor key.
  • Now copy the Delta key and paste it on the Delta Executor key window.
Delta Executor

Tap on the Continue button to complete the process.

Delta Executor Video Tutorial


Q. Is Delta Executor available on PC?

Ans. Yes, you can install and use Delta executor on your windows PC, you will get complete information here.

Q. Is Delta Executor available on Mobile?

Ans. Yes, after a lot of demands, the Delta Executor is finally available for Android smartphones.

Q. Is Delta Executor Free?

Ans. Yes, Delta Executor is a completely free-to-use executor. You just have to install it on your device and start running your favorite Roblox games.

Q. How to Update Delta Executor?

Ans. You will have to uninstall the previous Delta Executor app from your device and install the latest version available on the website.

Q. Does Delta Executor Support all the Scripts?

Ans. You can run nearly all the Roblox Scripts on Delta Executor.

Q. How to fix errors while injecting via Delta exploit?

Ans. Make sure you are using the browser version of Roblox (, not the Microsoft version.

Q. How to contact us?

Ans. You can contact us on this page also you can join our Discord server to get more updates.

Q. How to know Delta exploit server status?

Ans. You can check the status of Delta on this page.


Delta Executor has been getting a lot of praise in recent times. The new Roblox executor offers some of the best features to run your favorite Roblox games and access all of its functionalities on Android or Windows platforms.

You can run nearly all the Roblox games by using the scripts in Delta Executor. It also has cross-platform support which allows you to not only run games from Roblox but also from other platforms as well.

Now get your scripts ready and add them directly to the Delta Executor to start enjoying your favorite Roblox games at your fingertips.